Spotify now on PlayStation in India

Good news for all. Finally, Spotify is available in PlayStation in India. It had made its debut on its direct competitor Xbox of Microsoft on the latter half of February 2018, but finally, now it can be used on Sony’s console gaming platform. Now, the users of Spotify will be able to access billions of songs and music on PS4 and PS3 Playstation in India. On top of that, Spotify is available in Playstation for both paid and free users. Thus users who don’t have a subscription do not need to worry. They can also access to songs via PlayStation. Apart from India, Spotify is also available on various other countries including Colombia, Kuwait, Argentina, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates.

To access Spotify on PlayStation, one needs to log in their profile and open Playstation music. The person will be prompted to directly sign into Spotify account as Spotify is the only offering made by Playstation music in India. After that, the person has to link Playstation and Spotify accounts. There are two ways to do that. First, the more traditional method of entering user name and password on PS4 and another the more convenient and secure way of Spotify connect in which one needs to play a song in mobile, then hit the Spotify connect button and finally choose the PS4 device.

Once the initial process is done and dusted, Spotify will add the current music track on PS4 and then drop into the home screen, thereby helping the user to easily choose them, listen to various podcasts, and do whatever that is done in Spotify app. Spotify also has the quick navigation menu which is shown after the user holds down the PlayStation button on PS4. This feature allows you to skip, pause and change the level of volume quickly. In other words, it’s a shortcut. One more added feature of Spotify in PlayStation is that it supports PS4 share functionality, whereby the user can share with friends the current track played by them on Spotify.

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