Netflix testing ‘Extra’ Scrollable feed on Android, iOS

Netflix is now on a test mode to make itself a better version in Android and iOS. The feature which Netflix is testing is called ‘Extras’, which is similar to that of Instagram. This feature will be like the scrollable feed of movies and series. It is therefore like a summary feature of Netflix, which will either have the photo galleries of all the films and series or will have the videos that will play automatically without the sound.

This scrollable feature will be a unique one of Instagram. If the user is the part of the test, he or she will be able to view the ‘Extra’ tab at the bottom middle of the Netflix mobile App. This feature will have many additional uses which a user can get to know as he or she will be scrolling through the options. The features include setting a reminder for release, dive into the show, and add to your watch list and sharing with others.

The first media organization to write about this test was Variety, after which Netflix finally confirmed the test to a US magazine in their official statement. According to their official statement, Netflix is currently testing the feed of video extras in the mobile app; this will enable their users to have a more deep connect to Netflix and discover more and more shows, available in it. However, the length and time of these tests vary from region to region and may also not be permanent.


This is the second time that Instagram has inspired Netflix. The first was the introduction of vertical video previews, which could be available on Instagram stories. This feature is itself copied from Snapchat. During the early part of 2019, Netflix also added a new feature that allows its users to share what they were watching to Instagram Stories.

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