HTC Vive Pro Headset is now available in market

HTC Vive Pro Headset is now available on selected markets. Earlier this year, HTC released its Vive Pro Eye, and the company was confident to release its Headset during the latter half of this year. Now, HTC Vive Pro Headset is finally available on the markets of North America and also on Vive.com. The price of the Headset is $1599 or approximately 1, 10,800 Rupees. HTC headset has many added advantages of modern technologies such as eye control technology, dynamic training environments, more in-depth data analysis and many more.

The HTC Vive Pro Eye comes with the modern technology of native eye tracking. This feature enables monitoring of the eye movements, which will help in delivering better VR experiences. The gaze oriented menu navigation feature helps the users to get rid of the controllers and also improve the use of the environment as a feature such as VR arcades.

This Headset also comes with the modern technology of GPU power, which helps in better image rendering and a sharper visual output. According to the officials of HTC, this Headset is specially designed for professional VR use case. This helps in improving the user experience to the next level by eliminating the need for external controllers and making commands with the help of eye movements. The officials of HTC further said that this Vibe Headset has a lot of use for industries who deal with training and simulation, gaze oriented navigation, consumer feedback and analytics and many more.

Recently the previous version of HTC headset, the Vive Focus standalone Headset was available at around Rs 50,000. The Headset has multiple features including Gaze Support, Kiosk Mode, device management for remote managing, which includes monitoring, and enrolling various devices simultaneously. So far the standalone Headset is available in 25 countries.

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