FoodShot Global is digging up for innovative ideas for soil health as part of its first prize competition

FoodShot Global is a prized based platform which is devoted to transforming the world’s food and agriculture industries. FoodShot Global has awarded with the first round of prizes for its Innovative ideas of  Soil 3.0 competition.

Trace Genomics, is a startup developing and analytics service for soil health to optimize the use of farmland. Trace Genomics has also received an undisclosed amount of investment from FoodShot’s investment partner, S2G Ventures.

Additional awards of $250,000 were also given to Keith Paustian to speed up the global adaptation of his COMET tool systems.COMET tool systems provide farmers with metrics and pieces of information on regenerative farming. Also, Gerlinde De Deyn rewarded for her work for studying biodiversity over the timeline.

An amount of $35,000 was given to Dorn Cox to provide support for the development of his open-source data project. The project will look to catalogue knowledge around agricultural techniques and distribute that freely gives pieces of information to the global community farmers.

FoodShot Global founder and chairman Victor Friedberg has stated that he has founded FoodShot Global is envisioning a new pathway to harness the power of innovation, capital, and the collaborative spirit of the world’s leading stakeholders to effect changes. He has also mentioned that “We choose to start with soil because any future that imagines 10 billion people eating healthy with equal access will require healthy soil as a startup. The three people we announced are all groundbreakers whose inspired work lays the foundation for the next generation of solutions to the urgency we now face as a civilization. I couldn’t be more impressed and inspired by these inaugural FoodShot Global award winners and look forward to sharing what they’re doing with a broader audience.

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