Voatz has raised $7 million for its mobile voting technology

The four years old, Boston, Mass.-based voting and citizen engagement platform Voatz, that has been at the centre of the debate over the merits and dangers of mobile voting has raised $7 million in Series A funding.

Voatz currently employs 17 people, is modelled after other software as a service company but concerned toward election’s jurisdictions.  Voatz is working with state and local governments to conduct elections by providing election-related cybersecurity service.

As reported back in March, the city of Denver agreed to implement a mobile voting pilot in its May municipal election using Voatz’s technology. The opportunity had offered exclusively to active-duty military, their eligible dependents and overseas voters using their smartphones.

The company hasn’t yet shared how many people wound up using the platform. As Voatz co-founder and CEO Nimit Sawhney told us late yesterday, “Our most recent election in Denver finished last night on June 4th, and the post-election audit will be beginning shortly.”

Denver was not the company’s first pilot program. Preferably, Voatz conducted more than 30 pilots previously, including two in West Virginia last year that attracted the financial backing of Tusk Philanthropies and strategist Bradley Tusk.

Sawhney says to “stay tuned to know Where Voatz will use next. The next pilot program will be announced by the relevant jurisdictions a bit later in the summer.”

Voatz had become the best-known mobile voting app. It took critical attention when numerous security experts criticized it roundly in a Vanity Fair piece. One said it was “going to backfire.” Another warned, “The United States needs some form of a vetting process for online voting “. A software expert called Voatz a “horrifically bad idea.”

Investors, including a growing number of city and state governments, still believe that it is better than what’s currently available.

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