The Ticket Fairy is the best hope against Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster’s has led to ridiculous service fees, scalpers galore and exclusive contracts that exploit venues and artists. It pressures venues to sign contracts under veiled threat that artists would otherwise route to many concerts. It’s become difficult for everyone to avoid Ticketmaster. The charges of Ticketmaster are very high.

The Ticket Fairy wants to part away from Ticketmaster control to give fans ways to earn tickets by referring to friends. The startup is offering the most technologically advanced ticketing platform. It does not only handle sales but acts as a full-stack Salesforce for concerts that can analyze buyers and run ad campaigns. The Co-founder Ritesh Patel says The Ticket Fairy has increased revenue by 15% to 25 % for event organizers.

After the sold of 850,000 tickets, it’s officially launching its ticketing suite and actively poaching venues from Eventbrite.Eventbrite. Within a few time, it will be ready to challenge Ticketmaster for lucrative clients.

ticket fairy

The new round includes YouTube founder Steve Chen, former Kleiner Perkins partner, Arielle Zuckerberg and funds like 500 Startups, ex-Uber angels Fantastic Ventures, G2 Ventures and celebrity lawyer Ken Hertz, who reps Will Smith and Gwen Stefani.

Earn A Ticket – The Ticket Fairy supercharges word of mouth marketing with a referral system that lets fans get a rebate or full-free ticket if they get enough friends to buy a ticket.

Creative Payment Options – The startup offers “FreeFund” tickets for free events that otherwise see huge no-show rates. Users pay a small deposit that’s refunded when they scan their card for entry, discouraging RSVPs from those who won’t come.

Anti-Scalping – The Ticket Fairy offers identity-locked tickets that must present with the buyer’s ID on arrival, which means customers can’t scalp them.

Intelligent Analytics –The Ticket Fairy lets events collect contact info and demand before ticket sales start with its pre-registration system.

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