Firefox Extensions Have Stopped Working due to a Small Glitch, but the Fix is Out

Did you experience any issue with the Firefox extensions of yours, as in they are not responding or stopped working? Then you are not only the one because some glitch in Firefox has disabled the extensions from the database causing trouble to the users.

At 12:00 am UTC, so many Firefox users have faced this issue. So many users have started reporting this issue. Each extension that users saved is now listed as “legacy” extension with a warning “could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled.”

In a Redditt thread, a user stated that it is not possible to work without an extension; it is like hell. Product manager of Firefox, Kev Needham has apologized for the errors and stated that their team is working on the fix. He stated “we are sorry about the extensions issue and the new add-ons are failing to run or get installed in Firefox. We know what the issue is and our team is working hard to restore this add-on functionality to Firefox as soon as possible. We will continue to provide the updates about this issue on our Twitter channels. Kindly bear with us till then.

Mozilla has stated in a blog post that the issue is fixed on standard desktop browser whereas the company is still trying to fix the issue in Android devices.  The company found a patch, and it will be provided for desktops quickly.

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Mickey Sampson

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