According to Google, Their US Workforce has More Asian, Less Male, and White in 2018

Google’s workforce had a significant change in 2018. The company recruited less white and male in 2018 and had more Asian employees on board. It has been reported that there is a vast improvement in the number of women, black and Latino workers among the new hires. The attrition rates for most underrepresented groups and women have decreased.  The Alphabet has released a new annual diversity report, and according to it, Google Workforce has made significant progress by hiring people from different cultures in 2019.

Still, the attrition rates for black workers are the highest, and this has been cited as US employees’ race data. The White workers remain the highest by accounting 54.4 percent of Google employees whereas the number of Asian employees has increased by 1.7 percentage reaching 39.8 percent of the Googlers.

Earlier this year both Google employees and its shareholders have called on the company to make changes in gender and racial diversity. They have also asked the companies to tie these metrics with the executive bonuses.

Since some years the employees are protesting about the workers’ rights, handling of the sexual misconduct allegations and a military contract. The report has shown that women are able to land the technical jobs, but the amount of women in this field is less than the quarter percentage of the women who are working in non-technical fields across the world. Women are now accounting for 26 percent of US leadership; in 2018 it was 25.3 percent.

For the first time, Google has asked the employees to identify themselves in some other ways too. Google has found that 8.5 percent of the employees are related to the LGBTQ community, one percent is identified their gender as non-binary whereas 7.5 percent identified themselves as disabled.

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