Windows announces its next update as Windows 10 May 2019

Microsoft had notified about its next big release of Windows 10, to be called as Windows 10 May 2019 update. In the new update, Microsoft has looked after delivering the new mechanism in the hands of users that will give them more power to control several other upgrades.

The new update will be rolled out to Windows Inside testers from next week onwards after which it will be available to the general public. Microsoft has looked after not to repeat the same issues that the users have complained about the Windows 10 October Update.

Microsoft had said that it has taken feedback from Windows Experience blog and had done some significant changes to how the updates are offered, downloaded and installed.

The new changes that are offered in Windows 10  May 2019 Update is that the users will see the notification of update is available, and unlike other time it is up to them to install it or not. The automatic updating will only take place when the current version is approaching its end of the service date. However, that update will release after every two years.

The new control system will also allow them to pause the update for the next 35 days and choose to initiate the updates only after the users manually select them. Other significant updates like security patch and bug fixes will be distinguished from the rest so that it will not pose the risk of failure.

Microsoft will also provide a new online dashboard where the users can check for updates and understand the issues if detected. Microsoft hopes for transparency and that the windows update will be rolled back automatically if the PC cannot reboot.

Another update this year caused unexpected performance degradation in the minimal number of games. Following catastrophic bugs with the  Windows 10 October 2018 Update that saw some people lose important files and report crashes the company was forced to cancel the rollout multiple times and then release it in very small batches   as it collected data about potential incompatibilities and other problems.

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