Uber drivers face racial discrimination, likely to file a lawsuit against Mayor

There is quite a possibility that Uber divers of London city can file a racial discrimination lawsuit against the mayor of London city, Sadiq Khan.  The charges of racial discrimination is yet another addition added to the long-running battle that has been taking place between the traditional cabbies of the city and those working for the hail-riding company, Uber.

The city’s mayor Sadiq Khan had forced the Uber drivers to pay the London congestion charge. This charge includes a daily fee of GBP 11.5 that stands to $15.13 to drive in the city centres on weekdays. This London congestion charge is due to be imposed on the Uber drivers from April 8th. Things started getting worse when the capitals iconic black cars were exempted from paying this London congestion fee by the mayor of the city. This racial discrimination infuriated Uber drivers. Owing to such circumstances a union representing the Uber drivers of the city as well as the minicabs succeeded in winning permission to challenge the decision of the mayor to enforce the London congestion fee charged on them.

The Independent Worker’s Union of Great Britain accuses the mayor of racial discrimination. As per their statements eighty-eight percent black cab drivers are white while ninety-four percent of those driving private cars such as mini cabs and Uber belong to the minority group of the London city.

Uber drivers had also faced a lot of problems previously as well when the traditional cab drivers of the city tried to challenge Uber’s operating license in the city but failed to win the case. Black cab drivers had previously staged demonstrations on the streets about the ride-hailing company.

While the mayor defended himself by stating that the London congestion charge would reduce congestion and protect the people from harmful emissions, the Union retaliated by saying that the levy would bring a great hit to the female minicab drivers who mostly work on a part-time basis as compared to their male counterparts.

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