Global Council is Launched to Advise on Tech and AI Ethics

Google said to launch a global advisory council to examine the ethical issues on artificial intelligence (AI) and all other emerging technologies.

The council will publish a report later part of this year. It will include digital ethicists, technology experts, and people who have public policy background, as Google’s senior VP for global affairs, Kent Walker said at the conference of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The group will provide recommendations for not only Google but to various companies as well as researchers working in segments like facial recognition software. Facial recognition software is a form of automation which has evoked concerns about racial biases and other kinds of limitations.

At the MIT Technology Review event, San Francisco, Walker said that the goal is to have most thoughtful and informed conversations on AI and other emerging technologies. The company wants to discuss with the council and find out what agenda the council will set.

Google has its internal AI principles already. That principle among other provisions bars the company from using artificial intelligence to develop weapons.

The Advanced Technology External Advisory Council has eight members. Among the eight members, there is Joanna Bryson who is an associate professor at the University of Bath in computing. Dyan Gibbens who is the chief executive of Trumbull, a Houston-based drone startup, is also one of the important members of the council. A former US deputy secretary of state William J. Burns is also part of the council as the Google blog post suggests.

The blog post also reveals that the council will be meeting four times starting from April.

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