EU Vote for Copyright Brings Suffer for Google, Facebook, Activists

Lawmakers of European Union on Tuesday have approved a copyright directive which is intended to give artists and writers more protection about their creative rights as well as incomes. But critics are saying the controversial measure could bring significant implications for US-based tech companies and can censor anybody who posts on the web.

The European Parliament has voted 348-274 for passing the copyright bill via online with 36 non-voting. Opponents have argued the code which was for three years in the works, will restrain creative freedom online. Countries who are members of the EU has given the measure preliminary approval on last month. The final reviews are set to be out next month.

The directive updates the already existing copyright law largely. If the directive enacts then companies like Google’s parent company Alphabet, Facebook and Apple would have to pay the artist of Europe more and also have to take major steps to keep the online creative works non-usable without the permission of the creator.

The legislation’s two sections have become controversial- 1. Companies can proactively filter out copyrighted materials that are uploaded on their platform; 2. How the information of news organisations will be quoted and linked under the directive.

Antonio Tajani, the European Parliament President, said that with the contents created in Europe the web giants are getting the massive benefit while paying derisory taxes and transferring the huge profits to China or USA. The digital Wild West will likely to end as the European Parliament has chosen.

Internet giants have lobbied against the bill, and it became so intense that the passage wasn’t seen as a sure decision even after getting temporary support from members of the EU. More than 5 million people have signed an online petition as they are trying to stop the directive from passing. These people are saying that such measures will unfairly censor the huge number of posts online.

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