Samsung Galaxy S10 Fared Brutal Durability Test Well and In Display Fingerprint Worked Fine Despite Scratches

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the latest flagship model of the South Korean mobile giant company Samsung. The mobiles features are upgraded by the company and a new mobile with so many upgrades has been launched into the market. Some of the notable features of this mobile are faster processor, better imaging hardware and the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The design of this mobile also needs a special mention. Samsung tried very hard to make this mobile the perfect one to match millennia’s taste.

In order to check the durability of this mobile, a Youtuber named Zack Nelson conducted some brutal tests, but Samsung was able to pass all the tests. This flagship model was flaunted saying glass sandwich. It has the aluminum edges and glasses on both rear and front. Both of these glasses didn’t even get a single crack when the mobile has been subjected to bend test. The aluminum sides were so strong.

The display of the mobile was very beautiful and it was capable of withstanding the fire test. The pixels reverted to their own places when the fire was switched off. The scratch test was pretty interesting.

The in display ultrasonic fingerprint of the mobile still worked even though the screen got some scratches.  But however then the screen present on the fingerprint area got cracked and formed grooves, the fingerprint stopped working.

Another Youtuber named Marcus conducted a test where he placed the wet thumb on the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor was capable of recognizing the fingerprint patterns without any worry whereas another giant flagship phone from OnePlus- OnePlus 6T failed this test.

The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on Samsung is capable of working with the third party screen protectors too. The phone can withstand occasional water splashes and dust too.

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