Unfair and Predatory Games by Epic Games is deceiving Consumers

Custodian of a juvenile player from California sued Epic Games on the allegation that Fortnite Save the World’s Original blind-draw loot box mechanics are deceiving the consumers. According to the client, the policies of the gaming company are misleading its consumers. The possibility of gaining an unusual item is very exceptional, but the juvenile players agree to pay any amount for the loot box – thus tricking out of their money. The players are so enthralled in the game that they do not think twice before buying these loot offers.

According to in 1991, Epic Games, an American based Videogame and Software Development Company were founded by Tim Sweeney as Potomac Computer System. Epic Games developed the Unreal Engine, which adds value to their designed videogames-Fortnite and the Unreal, Gears of War and the Infinity Blade series.

A whole lot of videogames have the provision of loot boxes which thrills the player with customized gaming items, but the content of the loot boxes are kept secret before the purchase. The buyers of this hit-videogame will be now revealed the personalized gaming items inside the loot-boxes before the purchase- as per Epic Games. Fortnite is replacing its “V-Buck Llamas” with “X-Ray Llamas.”

The new changes included by the company is that there will now be a dupe prevention practice where the llama will determine the rarity of the item and then select that item which is not in the player’s inventory or collection set. As per in the X-Ray Llamas the players will have to offer the same price, but if they are not satisfied with what they are being offered, then they can wait for the daily stock refresh, which will provide fresh and new selection offers. X-Ray Llamas cannot be opened in bulk, but the other varieties of this game can be opened in bulk.

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