Huawei Pleaded Not Guilty to Trade Secret Theft

Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, has pleaded not guilty to the U.S trade theft charges on Thursday. The case has caused a dispute between the two largest economies in the world.

The accusations were made in the federal court of Seattle, and a 10 count indictment was unsealed against two units of Huawei- Huawei Device USA and Huawei Co.

The charges include the conspiracy of stealing trade secrets, wire fraud, attempted theft of the trade secrets and obstruction of justice. This conspiracy charge will carry a potential fine of 5 million USD or three times the value of the trade secret that has been stolen; the greater amount among these two will be levied as charges.

A trial date was set in March 2020 by U.S district judge Ricardo.

The US made the accusations on China that they used some of the predatory tactics to steal the technology behind that Washington based T-Mobile used to test the smartphones. The prosecutors alleged that the company has been trying to steal the technology from 2012 to 2014.

Prosecutors also said that one of the Huawei employees removed arm of the robot, took its measurements and photos of it from the T-Mobile lab and then placed the arm again. The company has claimed that this employee has worked independently and fired him on an immediate basis.

The Federal Jury in Seattle awarded T-Mobile with $4.8 million in damages in the year of 2017. Huawei, the second best smartphone maker in the world, is an essential player in the global network is also charged for lying to the banks in New York about the deals that violated the economic sanctions against Iran.

Trade talks between the US and China aren’t succeeded yet, but the hopes have been raised when Donald Trump has stated that he will postpone the increase in tariff of $200 billion on Chinese imports.

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