Amazon Planned to End the Issue of Fake Goods on Its Platform

Merchants have been complaining all along about Amazon’s lax policing of the counterfeits that have accounted for them the loss of sales as well as compromise their brands. Customers were in confusion state about the products that are present on their doorstep. In order to fix this issue, the retailer has started a new plan which gives brands the power to flag knockoffs and fast track the removal of these knockoffs from the market place altogether.

Amazon unveiled a project on Thursday and named it as “Project Zero.” This gives the brands a chance to take down the counterfeit listings by themselves. The brands will report any counterfeit product that they find on the marketplace; Amazon will review the report and will take further action. As of now, this tool is available only for the invites and Amazon has stated that they will make it public for other brands very soon.

Amazon has stated that “this project Zero will give an unprecedented ability for the brands to directly control or remove the counterfeit products” in a press release. The information of the reports made by the brands will be saved in their database, and this will help the company to catch the counterfeit products in the future also.

This unprecedented move of Amazon has created its own share of controversies. The major brands are firing on Amazon for not participating actively in removing the counterfeits. There are accusations against Amazon that they are reaping the benefits by selling counterfeit products but are blaming the third party sellers when any issue arises.

Amazon has a massive third-party marketplace because it is so easy to enter it as a seller. The merchants can register themselves on Amazon with their name, phone number, and some basic financial information. The company is trying to implement new methods to remove these fake sellers, and this Project Zero is one of them.

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