The ‘Wingman’ Drone of Boeing Bonds Up with Pilot-Flown Jets

Australia has advanced in building AI-flown fast jets for the fighters. None has thought about it before that. The joint was with Boeing Australia, but there is speculation that there is a possibility of U.S. facilities to get the contract.

The aircraft is in its development state, but it is scheduled to take first flight in 2020. It will be a loyal wingman to the fighter pilots on all military missions. The official name of the aircraft is “Bowing Airpower Teaming System”; the acronym of it is BATS. Unlike the acronym, they don’t look or act like a bat at all.

These aircraft are drones which are built to accompany other crafts. They will fly in formation and provide defensive capabilities. It can be the force multiplier for the governments that don’t have many primary crafts, the modern fighters or pilots, unlike those countries that have an enormous investment in their air force.

Marc Allen, the president of Boeing International, emphasized the international enablement of the craft. He conveyed his happiness as it is a historic moment for Boeing. He was excited about the fact that the investment of this project is outside of U.S. It diversifies Boeing’s portfolio.

Today at Australian National Airshow, a complete-sized mock-up Wingman was revealed. The Wingman looks very sharp and cool. The aircraft should have at least 2,300-mile range with a length of 38 feet. It will be flying remotely as well as independently. A variety of goodies and sensor packages can be equipped in the craft. These crafts are built to support the pilots at military missions and to keep surveillance, not for fighting.

Its popularity suggests that it will serve its duty as an extra pair of eyes in military circles and its invention seems inevitable. Whether Boeing will approach the governments around the world or not depends on its execution.

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