The US Government Fined $5.7 Million on TikTok App for Illegally Collecting Children’s Data

The Chinese-claimed video sharing network TikTok agreed to pay a US$5.7 million fine to US government to settle charges for unlawfully gathered personal data from children, authorities said on Wednesday. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that fine by the informal organization, known as, was the biggest in a children’s privacy investigation.

The TikTok App, as before it, allows users to make recordings through lip-synchronizing on a vast number of tunes, including from youngsters’ slow movies. It is amazingly widespread among youngsters and kids.

A Chinese organization possesses TikTok. The TikTok social network got remarkable popularity in young, smartphone users and assuming control from rivals like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

FTC Chairman, Joe Simons stated in a news release – “The owners of which is now known as TikTok had known that many kids were using the app, but they still failed to get parental consent before collecting names, email addresses, and other personal information from users under the age of 13,”
He continues his statement – “This record penalty should be a reminder to all online services and websites that target children.”

There are about 65 million users are registered in this video sharing everywhere throughout the United States, and it turned into the 25th-most famous free app on Google and Apple devices, separately
TikTok has confronted criticism around the world for highlighting explicitly suggestive substance inappropriate for children.

“It’s our priority to create a safe and welcoming experience for all of our users, and as we developed the global TikTok platform, we’ve been committed to creating measures to protect further our user community — including tools for parents to protect their teens and for users to enable additional privacy settings,” the statement said.

TikTok stated that it would make a “separate application experience” for children’s with extra security assurances as a feature.

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